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Can I View Farmers Market And Vendor information In A Browser?

Yes! mFOODIE provides farmers markets and vendors a FREE webpage. When market representatives and vendors Sign Up and select their market or create their vendor company, mFOODIE automatically creates their webpage.
See an example market webpage here and
view an example vendor webpage here.

What Is A Nugget?

In mFOODIE you can discover markets by Day, Nearby, Name, Map, and hours of operation. Search using common location names. Add announcements, photos and descriptions about the farmers market, vendor, products, specials, events, etc. Add a video, such as a video news story featuring the market, it’s vendors, events, etc.
But, Nuggets are other cool things you can do in mFOODIE. Touch "More > Support > Information & Announcements" to see the Nuggets list.

Are There Farm Animals In The mFOODIE App?

There are piggies. The 'piggy bank' icon means the vendor is offering a Rewards Program based on how many times you have visited the vendor. Touch the rewards program icon to display the vendor's offer! To visit a vendor, touch the vendor's visit icon in their Detail Page. Your visits are logged in "More > My Account > Visited".

Is There More Information In The mFOODIE App?

Absolutely!  In the mFOODIE app, touch "More > Support" and you'll see all kinds of questions answered; FAQs, specific information for farmers market representatives and vendors, general information for all market-goers, Nuggets, Promotions...wait, Promotions? Yes, FREE stuff, swagalicious goodies!

Cool Website Layout, Where'd Ya Get It?

We based the layout off of Sam Soffe's super cool grid system! Check it out here:

Other Questions or Comments?

Download the mFOODIE app to view the online support and FAQs or send us an email at: